New phone.

So I goofed. I got myself a new phone since my old one is a) An S3 Mini and thus less advanced even than the phone Julius Caesar used to text, “Veni, Vidi, vici” to his mum. b)Has a cracked screen. c)Does this curious thing where it decides that the battery is flat and then proceeds to continuously restart itself.

I ended up going to a Samsung Galaxy S6 and bought myself a nice brown leather case to go with it. The goof was that it got delivered at silly o’clock and one was not exactly awake; I’m not a morning person at the best of times. So I decided, without searching the bag that it came in, that the sim had not been sent with it and duly called up the company to order a new one. Then I found it.

The upshot is that I have a nice new phone today but have to wait until tomorrow to actually use the bloody thing. I’m contemplating getting a wireless charger but I’m not entirely sure what the point is beyond that you can basically leave it on the charger and forget about it and not worry about the phone not being charged when you leave the house. Given that the S6 comes with a fast charger and charges in under ninety minutes I’m not sure that this is that much of an issue.

In related news, since I have a new phone I’m thinking of joining modernity and getting my bank’s app and even a debit card. Up until now I’ve never really trusted myself with one, but I’m thinking maybe it’s time to trust myself a bit more and see how it goes. Plus to be honest I like the idea of not having to find the nearest cash machine and I figure that if I can check my account on my phone then I can monitor my spending and it means that I don’t have to carry so much cash around with me. Not that I carry much cash around; I’m just generally a fan of using technology where possible often for the sake of using technology. Also it cuts out the bulk of a wallet.

Actually talking about carrying cash around it solves my problem of taking out £100, going on a night out and thinking I’ve spent a fortune and then finding that I have £50 in change and the concomitant problem of then trying to deal with £50 of change for the next week.

Also: hypomania and new toys………..



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