Can’t sleep. Can blog. I’m just laying here thinking about people in my life and how bored I am with many of them. I suppose I feel quite lonely in that there aren’t that many people that I can have the kinds of intellectual conversations with.

People are so dull; I find that when I’m out with friends that everyone talks about work, which to my mind is the most boring topic of conversation there is. Well, there are those fascinating and riveting conversations about bills that my married friends like. Finding people with real depth and intellect is so hard.

Talking about the mindless minutiae of life, gossiping about who did what or said what or is fucking so and so drives me insane. I’m so bored.


One thought on “Blah.

  1. So true that’s why I am no longer depending on others for acceptance and approval. It’s what I think about myself that matters, not the stereotype that society has placed on me.

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