Here is the news.

I really like having a washing machine again. We’ve just had a new one fitted since the old one died on Tuesday. I’ve put my Aikidogi in there because it’s been in my bag since Monday and I’m worried that by Sunday it’ll be applying to UNESCO to protect its culture.

Also this week I talked S into buying crotchless latex hot pants; I regard this as one of  the greatest achievements of my life. I say talked; I said that I’d like to see her in them and she bought them. Not all great achievements must be difficult. I suggested buying this open bra thing too and that got bought as well. The cup kind of folds down like a rather erotic nursing bra. So at the moment I’m feeling a little bit deliciously spoiled. Not going to lie I’m really chomping at the bit to mount her and fuck her like an animal.

In other news I bought Dior Homme Eau for Men on the basis that women seem to love it and I quite like it. It’s more masculine than Le Male and to be honest I’m kind of wondering if Le Male projects at all since no one seems to have noticed me wearing it. I’m hoping that Dior does project. I want compliments damnit! Curiously it cost £10 more in the town centre than it does in my local Boots. It’s maybe not as woody as I would like but it’s classier than Le Male, although not as fun.

The only real downside this week is that I’ve decided to lend C a significant proportion of my saved money for urgent repairs to her car. This isn’t a massive issue because at this point I’m basically saving money for the joy of saving money, but I find myself wondering if I’m now going to have a bit of a rainy day. No good deed goes unpunished.



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