This is what annoys me: I get a couple of messages off her and I go all gooey and she fucking knows it. The conspiracy theorist in me suspects that this is because she’ll be back soon and so it’s a kind of bridge building exercise since I’ve basically not texted her for months. I also suspect that I’m in for a bit of an earful about that, as usual.

As usual I’ll point out that she ignores me all the time and she, as usual, will look away and give that coy enigmatic smile. I remember once we were out and she was saying that some guy was after her and she wasn’t replying and I gave her a bit of a look like “You never reply to me either” and she winched and stroked my face. I have a gift for picking the complex ones.

Listening to this:


In other news C didn’t need my money so I still have a vast stash of cash. I’m thinking that I get L’Nuit de L’Homme on Monday when I venture into town. I’m not sure what I think about the Dior. I put it on and I could smell it but an hour later it seemed to have died a death, C said that she could smell it when we met and twelve hours later I can really smell it.


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