There is something calming about the first bit of good weather after the winter. The first really hot days when you can throw the windows open, enjoy the breeze and the freshness of spring.

S comes over in a couple of days, I can’t wait. Not just for the sex either; I’m just missing being around her; the conversations both serious and totally off the wall, the snuggles. The long lunches that extend until dinner. Actually just cooking and being……couply?

I find something settling in being around her, when she’s not being wild. I think I’m quite drawn to women who have this dual personality: wild at times and then calm and centred at others. Dakota has it. That quietness and stillness that indicates a depth of personality.


In other news I bought La Nuit De L’Homme and going by the colour I have the older formulation. The newer one is pretty much clear whereas this is decidedly not clear. I’m pretty happy about this given that the newer reformulation keeps getting put down.


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