La Nuit de L’Homme

I bought this kinda blind. I’d watched lots of reviews and everyone rated it very highly so I bought it on the strength of those reviews. So what do I think? Cardamom. I can really smell the cardamom top notes which are quite nice. I’m not sure what to think of the rest of it though. Definitely it’s quite masculine, I can see why you would wear it on a date, and it definitely projects pretty well. It’s now 03:50 and I’ve been wearing it since about 19:30 and I can still smell it so for longevity it’s doing well and it has woody, sweet, vanilla basenotes with the woody scent still giving it an over all quite masculine vibe.

I don’t know what the new formulation is like, I’ve heard mixed things, but this one is definitely amazing. I think I might keep this back for special occasions and use the Dior generally. Incidentally Dior Homme I recommend very highly. I don’t rate it much less than La Nuit de L’Homme and definitely it gets the compliments, has the longevity and the projection of this formulation of La Nuit but hasn’t been reformulated or dicked around with so is still widely available, as far as I know.


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