Left field.

So we’ve been around her for, maybe years now actually. She manages the pub that Jboy and I drink in every Tuesday, but we’ve never talked to each other really except for ordering stuff. Let’s call her, B.

The last couple of weeks have been interesting though. Now we’ve got into this exchange of banter “See you next Tuesday!” “I’m going to come in on Monday just to screw you around!” “”Come back to cause more trouble?” “Well, in half an hour or so, let me finish this pint.” “I’ll give you twenty five minutes” or “I’ll kick your arse out of here” *waves arse at her* “It’s a nice arse, but  you haven’t got my big boobs” “Now you’re making me feel insecure”. Along with giving each other these looks like, “I’m watching you”.

Last week she was with group of other staff having drinks for someone’s leaving do, this is when I was ambushed by the American barmaid, but all night B and I were giving each other those, “I’m watching you”looks. Fast forward to this week and she finished early and joined me and Jboy and some of the staff who were playing on the quiz machine and the banter and flirting, the little looks was constant.

Not sure where, if anywhere, this is going, but it is fun and I do find her very attractive. I’m content to just enjoy it and see where it goes.


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