Through the nose.

I’ve never really taken fragrances seriously until recently; I’d maybe have a bottle of Le Male on standby for special occasions but that was about it. So the past month or so has been interesting. Aren’t women weird?

The other day I was on a train and it’s just coming into my stop so I head to the doors. There’s a woman, maybe late twenties, blonde, already standing by the door and maybe three other men. So for a few seconds we all stand there waiting for the train to stop when she suddenly snaps around and looks at everyone with a bit of an interrogative stare until finally she makes eye contact with me. For a few more seconds we hold this really intense eye contact and then it was like she suddenly realised that she was staring and she turned back around again.

I mentally logged this as one of those odd things that weirdos on the train sometimes do but then I noticed that women were now doing all kinds of weird shit around me and it suddenly dawned on me that what had happened is that I’d walked to the doors, she’d smelt my cologne and then sort of semi-unconsciously looked around to see where it was coming from.

S is pretty touchy-feely anyway, but I felt like she was more so. C is more snuggly, meaning that I can get away with more, and Dakota…..I don’t know. Our hugs are always longer than most normal hugs but she commented on how good I smelt. I’m kind of wondering if the whole timing with BM is because one day she walked past me and smelled me. My female friends have all said that a) Scent is really important to women b) I don’t realise how important……but I think that the latter is changing.

As a guy maybe I notice that a woman has perfume on, maybe I notice that it smells nice but I note it and move on but things seem a little different with women and cologne. If you’re wearing the right stuff it seems to totally alter their behaviour or at least make them do really bizarre things.


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