What a day. So I got out of bed and dad was already up. I  hardly slept last night and seeing as I had bugger all to do today I was actually planning on downing a bottle of Yop and climbing back into bed. Then dad comes out of the dining room and complains of pains in the left side of his chest and starts pointing to his left arm, so I’m like “Oh shit”.

Immediately I tell  him that we need to get it checked out. He says that it’s fine and going away. I’m not a morning person at the best of times, throw in a lack of sleep and a potential emergency and you do what your told or else. So I call 111 since he seems otherwise fine but from the pain. They do an over the phone assessment and tell me to book an emergency appointment with dad’s GP and if anything else happens or things get worse to immediately call an ambulance. I debate, in my head, calling an ambulance anyway but since dad is saying that the pain is only when he breathes in I have a feeling that this is not heart related and that this is instead related to his asthma.

Couple of hours later I’m sitting in the GP’s surgery watching him methodically prod dad in all kinds of pulse points, listen to his breathing all over the place with his stethoscope before finally declaring that it’s his usual chest complaints. Emergency over.



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