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I just have more confidence in the British people than EU commissioners. This little Europe mentality I have no time for. I think back to the last Elizabethan era and how some people talked about how the Spanish Empire was invincible and the French population was five times bigger and they had fifteen times the wealth and how the Holy Roman Empire was so powerful……………

Then we built a global empire, gave birth to the United States……which has never recovered from independence…….it’s full of all kinds of foreigners now with strange foreign ideas like socialism which don’t belong in any English speaking country.

I’m not saying that there won’t be serious challenges………..I just think that the serious challenges will bring out the best in us as they have in the past. We, as the master race and God’s chosen people (God is English), should not shy away from challenges; we should embrace them, relish them, look forward to them.

We made our small island master of the world before, there is no reason why we shouldn’t do so again. None. All it requires is that we have confidence in our abilities and draw on our long experience. That’s it.

I have no truck with these parochial EU types who say that we..WE of all people…need the EU.  I will not buy into that kind of defeatism. I will not buy into that kind of small mindedness that restricts our outlook to Europe. A thousand years of history will not end with my generation if I have anything to do with it. Our parents and our grandparents might have fucked this country up so it’s up to us to put it back in it’s place and it’s place is not as a province of Europe.



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