One has just purchased Space: Above and Beyond on DVD, alas there is no Blu-ray version. If you are unaware of Space: Above and Beyond then you are a pleb. You should immediately deplebify yourself by buying a copy of the first and only series thus creating a spike in sales so that a Blu-ray version is produced.

Also I have bought the 20th Anniversary edition of Apollo 13 again you are a pleb if you are  unaware of this film. Basically if you like anything that I do not like or dislike anything I do like then you are a pleb. I already have it on DVD but I want it on Blu-ray especially since the 2015 release is supposed to be amazingly good; the 2010 release is, by all accounts, something of a disaster. I think that once you get used to watching Blu-rays DVD quality stuff looks really bad.

I seem to have a love of space disaster movies. Apollo 13, Gravity, The Martian are all among my favorite films. I’m thinking that I need to buy The Right Stuff since it fits in with my love of all things space related.

I suppose I kind of see that era of the Mercury-Gemini-Apollo programs and the x-plane program of the era as a bit of a golden age before the shit of the 60’s kicked in and the west degenerated into the mess that it is today. We don’t have heroes now like we did then: men who would risk death just to be the first to do something and the something being quite big like being the first man to walk on the Moon.

Sure, there’s the first manned missions to Mars to look forward to but I suppose everything feels a bit more sterile and less gung ho than the space race did. There’s less soul to it all somehow; maybe it’ll be different when it’s actually happening. Tim Peake has been up to the ISS and it was interesting an all but not all that inspiring. Whizzing around the Earth in a space station isn’t quite the same as looking up at the Moon and imagining going there like Apollo did.

Like some nights I look up at the Moon with the binoculars or through our new telescope and it fills me with wonder. It’s a place to go. I imagine being there and seeing those views that we all know from the Apollo photos, low Earth orbit isn’t quite as inspirational. Also space flight has been done; it’s now about going a little bit further, well, a lot further. With Apollo it was all new. There’s a romance to it that’s missing now.



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