I am not doing jagerbombs ever again.


So I’m in the bar, the bar staff and BM are having drinks and BM walks past our table, notices me, does a double take, smiles. “Are you causing trouble?” “Of course, your life would be boring without me causing trouble!”. The glances continue and eventually it comes to my round and I head to the bar.

She and her friends also head to the bar and she slips in next to me and we start flirting and taking the piss out of each other and it comes to my turn to order and she starts chanting “Jagerbombs! Jagerbombs!”. Initially I flat out refused to countenance the idea but then I thought……..I’ll be honest I didn’t want to disappoint her so I ordered a pair of jagerbombs on top of the rest of my order and we knocked them back.

The rest is a bit of a haze but she was blowing me kisses as I was leaving… I assume that I everything went well.


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