In the spirit of being entirely ridiculous: Last night I went out for a drink with the dad of my apprentice/dogsbody. During the course of said drink the dojo gossip of me and BM got around and so we headed down to the bar for me to humiliate myself…..only she wasn’t there and humiliation was thus avoided.

So today I was passing the bar and I thought I’d pop in on the off chance of her working. I settled down with a pint, opened my book and about half an hour later it became apparent that she wasn’t working……….and it had started to rain……so I grabbed another pint.

Eventually I got chatting to her boss, who I chat to now and then and I explained that I was there to humiliate myself in front of her and he told me that she’s in tomorrow morning………..so I’m going to have to get up early and go and get some breakfast and see where this goes.


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