Flight sims.

You know what I love about old flight sims? 350 page manuals. I’m not even joking here. Kids these days will never know the joy of sitting there with a manual in your lap, trying to fly at 250 ft and monitor all the aircraft systems, build up a mental picture of what was going on and generally try not to get killed while reading the defensive tactics chapter in an attempt to learn how not to get killed.

One thing I find interesting now is that often each campaign is outlined in the manual with a full geopolitical and strategic briefing which, back in the day, would make you the best informed nine year old on the playground about the Iranian revolution and the Iran-Iraq war, as well as the only nine year old that knew the difference between a doppler and a pulse radar, effective tactics for dealing with each, and also the difference between semi-active and beam riding surface to air missiles and appropriate tactics for dealing with each of those too.


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