Met up with Dakota last night. I’m always amazed at how the conversation radically changes the moment Jboy is away. So we’re talking about Brexit, Jboy goes to the bar and suddenly she starts talking about boobs. Apparently her mum offered to pay for her to have a boob job, which she declined, and this conversation rapidly degenerated into talking about my breast fetish, another conversation which rapidly declined the moment Jboy came back.

I think maybe someone doesn’t like that I’m not as keen on her as I used to be. I reckon by Christmas she’ll be talking about me spunking on her breasts or something.

I’m feeling pretty jaded about women at the moment because it just seems like women are obsessed with getting attention and the way they do this is by flirting in such a way that you become sure that it’s more than just flirting; like it goes on for months and is quite intense. Then when you actually make a move you find out that, actually, she just likes the attention and Dakota loves attention.

So I’m not sure how I feel about her: She’s still more important to me than just about any other woman but I’m just not as keen on her as I was; there are other women in my life now although I don’t want their……I suppose, in the way I want Dakota’s.



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