So there was some kind of party or something last night. Someone was blasting out music to a large and noisy crowd and out of curiosity I had a look out of the window an as I did I noticed this light in the sky, a very bright light, about as bright as Venus, racing across the sky close to Vega. Immediately I rushed outside with the binoculars and had a good look at it, there were no running lights and it was moving at incredible speed: it crossed the sky from Vega to the horizon in just a few minutes.

Now, I’m not a great believer that aliens visit earth and I’m not saying it was aliens………..and actually it wasn’t. Afterwards I jumped on Stellarium and it lists it as “Dragon CRS-9” which is currently docked with the ISS. Sure enough about ninety minutes later it popped back up over the western horizon so what I actually saw was the ISS which is pretty cool.


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