Damn Yankees!

I dislike Ultimate General: Gettysburg’s scoring system. It’s horseshit. Right so, brass tacks: The Confederate Army is shit. Literally my nan with a slingshot could have beaten the whole Confederate Army in time for tea and medals. This means that you have to be a tactical genius, such as myself, to actually do any good with them.

Now, the scoring system is based on holding or taking key points on the battlefield, which is problematic. For instance: On the morning of day one I had breakfast. Literally I sat there and did nothing because I know that in the afternoon I have reinforcements coming and that they’re coming in behind the Union lines. So I’m not going to send my half trained bunch of southerners at them in a frontal assault and take 50% casualties, I’m going to wait until the reinforcements turn up so that I have them in a pincer. Naturally this is a loss as far as the computer is concerned.

So then the afternoon rolls on and, oh look, the Union army finds itself holding Oak Ridge still but nearly surrounded and facing annihilation but because it still holds Seminary ridge the computer thinks its the big bollocks. Which it isn’t. I’m just not in a rush; I don’t care that the Union holds Seminary ridge right now, I’m busy wiping whole divisions off its order of battle and when that is done, the army is reorganised, my artillery is in place, when I’m fucking damn well good and ready, then I’ll take Seminary ridge!


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