The Alt-right and low information voters.

1472333176597It’s funny watching the mainstream media trying to get a handle on us since Hillary started mentioning us and calling us “White nationalists” and “Neo-nazis”. The “alt-right” is actually a rather diverse group; there are communists, a large number of Ancaps, libertarians of various stripes, classical liberals, old fashioned conservatives, social democrats and yes, a few neo-nazis who are endlessly fighting the actual nazis. If cannot tell a neo-nazi from an actual nazi……..

The things we have in common are pretty limited: A belief in the superiority of Western Civilisation, a willingness to accept statistics, a common meme culture which we communicate in, a perverse sense of humour and a love of provocation. Most of us are STEM students or STEM grads, we’re intellectually way above the average and used to dealing with complexity. In fact we rather like complexity.

For instance normies are happy dealing with two numbers. So 100 and 70 , they can handle any story which is put to them where men earn 100 and women earn 70 and on that basis will accept the existence of the pay gap. This is because their degree is usually in arts and humanities where no complex data is ever presented.

These people struggle when more numbers are added, say, the numbers for average earnings of men and women at age 25 then at age 45, numbers for average earnings of married men and unmarried men, married women and unmarried women. The numbers for average earnings in different fields, the numbers for the proportion of men and women in each field. These are too many numbers for normies to handle because they’re low information voters. When all these numbers are thrown into the mix they show that the pay gap is what people who understand statistics call “an artifact of statistics”.

The alt-right is just a group of people who can handle this kind of complexity, and are comfortable with it, and whose picture of reality isn’t just a collection of low information narratives and memes picked up from the media. The alt-right is only interested in reading research. So “Islam is a religion of peace” is a meme and it exists in society because lots of people consume mainstream media which has plenty of friendly looking Muslims saying that Islam is a religion of peace and the media runs stories saying that anyone who disagrees is a horrible racist islamophobe and on that basis the average person contracts the meme. The Alt-right are people who do the reading and realise that no person who follows the Qu’ran according to the example of Muhammad as laid out in the biographies could ever be peaceful. Low information voters aren’t going to do all this reading though; the smiley Muslim telling them that Islam is a religion of peace is enough for them.

The really interesting thing about the Alt-right is that it realised a decade ago that normies are low information dumbasses who don’t read but they do respond to memes incredibly well. So you post memes all over the internet, and you make them shocking and funny, and people share them on social media.The next thing you know you’ve grown so much that the potential next President of the United States has to make a speech about you and all you’ve done is slap some “nazi iconography” on stuff for shock value and share it. That’s how dumb people are: intelligent people would realise the patent attempt at creating shock value, maybe have a laugh, and move on but thick people take it seriously and the Streisand effect kicks in and the meme goes viral.

By the same token people will come on to a board called “Politically Incorrect” and wonder why everyone is being so politically incorrect because they lack the ability to pick up on the social cues which inform intelligent people that the board is not just a space which allows political incorrectness, it expects it, that’s why the racist, sexist, homophobic language is so hyperbolic. The expectation is that posters will say things in the most hyperbolic way possible for amusement value. Again though, thick people don’t pick up on the hyperbole; they’ve never realised why “Kek” which means “lol” has literally been elevated to the standard of a God, like it’s never occurred to them that a major principle of the Alt-right is do whatever is outrageously funny and people in the mainstream are taking it seriously. Naturally this is what the Alt-right wants because it’s hilarious, trolling only works if the idiots you’re trolling take you seriously.

So we’ve ended up in this place where an internet subculture which communicates in memes that are deliberately incomprehensible to the outsider and which regards double digits in the post number as expressing the divine will of its God Kek is taken seriously by mainstream media as a political movement.

Nobody took us seriously when we were corrupting online polls to get a new flavour of Mountain Dew named as, “Hitler did nothing wrong” but now suddenly we’re a political movement? Really mainstream? Really? I suppose we’re a victim of our own success.




Kampfgruppen Vistula

I just awoke from the most fucked up dream ever. It started when I was being carried into this huge tent on a stretcher absolutely shitfaced. As in so shitfaced that I was basically unable to move and all these people were around me and looking at me with total disdain and it turned out that I was the new corps commander.

So I’m laying there, barely able to move and I’m like “Water, get me some water” and someone got me some water and I managed to get myself to sit up. Then I spent a few minutes looking around the tent and I notice that they’re all fucking Germans. This displeases me. Eventually I made it over to the map table and I’m looking at it and I’m like, “What’s this?” “Third panzer division” “This?” “Twenty-sixth panzer” and I realise that I have three panzer divisions and a division of mechanised infantry and they’re all strung out in a line. This displeases me. I have them sorted out so that twenty-sixth is up front, third on the left flank in echelon, thirtieth in support behind twenty-sixth and the mechanised infantry out on the rear right.

This is done and I’m like “We’re going for these bridges on the Vistula” This displeases both Army and Army Group who are ordering a general withdrawal.  This displeases me because I can see a gap opening up between two Russian armies, in their pursuit of us they’re losing their cohesion. So I ignore both Army and Army group and I go rushing through the gap. Naturally we punch through and we’re on our way to the Vistula and I send a signal back to army basically saying, “All of army to follow my corps through the breech” and army send back a signal basically saying, “Who the fuck are you to be issuing orders to army?” and I’m like, “I’m the fucker in the enemy rear heading for the bridges on the Vistula”.

So we get to the bridges and we’re so far in the rear that we can cross them unopposed and I’m about to move my lead elements across and some fucking American is on the radio yelling at me about falling back and I’m like, “Fuck off, I’m in front of my lead vehicle right now and there is exactly fuck all between me and Moscow; I’m securing these bridges, I’m cutting off their supply lines and their line of retreat, order a general offensive in support of me or fuck off”. This guy is looking at me and I’m like, “To beat me quickly they’re going to have to have at least a three to one superiority which means that they have to throw a whole army at my corps which means pulling a whole army off the front line. If nothing else it’ll totally fuck up their offensive.

And then I woke up.

I suppose that’s what you get for coming home shitfaced from a BBQ and having a nap after reading a chapter of Lost Victories.


God I feel so lonely, useless and helpless.

You know what really bothers me though, and I wish I knew where this comes from; I have the weirdest urge to go and sit under my desk. There’s obviously something deeply primal at work here where my brain is looking for a hidey hole or something.

A scream in the night.

So I was walking back from Tesco last night and I can here this woman screaming, well, wailing more like, almost sobbing almost screaming and it’s loud: I can hear it half way up the street. I’m not entirely sure it’s an emergency, it’s not exactly a blood curdling scream, so I dial 101 and I tell them all about it. The problem is that I don’t know the number of the house that it’s coming from so I spend ten minutes mooching around in the dark trying to find a house with a visible number on. That done I head home.

About half an hour later a police officer phones me and asks me where the house is. I realise that trying to describe the location of the house isn’t really going to work so I tell him that if he picks me up then I can point out the house. This is duly done and five minutes later I’m back at my own house.

I feel uneasy though. It’s one of those, “It’s probably nothing, but…” situations. I’m comfortable with that; I’m always conscious of how many fuck ups are caused by people ignoring rather than investigating things because, “It’s probably nothing”. What bugs me is the lack of resolution – I don’t know what happened or what it was.


The Narrative.


Islamophobia is one of those issues where the distance between the narrative and reality is glaringly obvious to such an extent that anyone pushing the narrative looks like an idiot. I think at this stage to talk about Islamophobia, except in an ironic way or to critique the concept, is an admission that you haven’t read the Qu’ran, haven’t read a biography or two of Muhammad and are unaware of the history of Islam; it’s a way of announcing your ignorance. Only people who are so insensitive to culture as to be able to unironically use the phrase “just people” unironically or uncritically use the word “Islamophobia”.

Islamophilia is a real thing though: People who are not Muslims, people who are often nominal atheists in fact, who will defend and even praise Islam in a way they would never think to do about Christianity. They might talk about the child abuse problem within the Catholic church but you’ll never hear them talk about Rotherham or Cologne. The rape of fourteen hundred girls is horrifying to them only to the extent that it might create Islamophobia. Also symbolic of this Islamophilia is how if anyone brings up Islam as a topic of discussion and says something critical the immediate knee jerk reaction is to talk about Christianity and so the discussion becomes about the faults of Christianity with the implication that if Christianity has done it then it’s fine for Islam to have done it.

This is the reasoning of a child; we have all told a child off for something only to have it respond, “Well so and so was doing it too!” and of course, as adults, we know that this is irrelevant: that someone else has done it too does not alter the moral value of that action; a criminal cannot plead not guilty on the basis that others have committed the same crime.

All this also ignores that when we talk about Christianity that we’re talking about the past: things which, usually the Catholic Church, did centuries ago: the inquisition, witch hunts, the crusades etc. When we talk about Islam we’re talking about the present: terrorism, oppression of women, oppression of homosexual people, FGM, child marriage, which is a polite way of saying paedophillia,  honour killings, slavery and so on. Large parts of the Muslim world still put people on trial and execute people for witchcraft for heaven’s sake.

Now if any of this were done by white males can you imagine how the people we laughably call “liberals” would react? Can you imagine the condemnation? The outrage, can you imagine the endless polemics in the media and on TV, the films that would be made, the plays, the books, the protests, the slutwalks…….. When, however, this is all done by brown people then suddenly not only is there silence, but also anyone who points any of it out is called, “Islamophobic” and since, somehow, Islam is now apparently a race, “racist” too.

Then of course there is the obligatory speech that the Islamophile feels the need to make about the Islamic golden age, as if the Islamophile has ever read history and isn’t just parroting Islamic apologetics. As if a nominal golden age which ended nearly a millennia ago counts for something and is relevant in the 21st century compared with the sheer scale of western culture. As Sam Harris points out in the link above: More books are translated into Spanish in a single year than have been translated into Arabic in one thousand years.

Of course the Islamophile has no facts to dispute any of this: these are the facts: Western civilisation is far in advance of Islam in every field of human endeavour. I wouldn’t even call Islam a civilisation because literally civilisation is something that springs up in cities and is about civil society and Islam isn’t the product of city dwellers and does not have a civil society. After reading In The Shadow of the Sword  and In God’s Path  I think a reasonable case can be made that Islam is an eighth century ideology created to unify disparate, disunited group of nomads in the aftermath of the Arab conquests: Islam is the codification of nomad values. Hoyland points out that in the wake of the Arab conquests there was a period of “Arabisation” where non-Arab peoples assimilated to Arab culture taking Arab names, affiliating with tribes, making Arabic their first language etc: they adopted the culture that formerly had been unique to peoples living in the wastes of Arabia.

None of this is Islamophobia in the sense that anything I’ve said is irrational, or racist, or based on fear or ignorance. On the contrary, this is the only reasonable view, I would argue, that a dispassionate, intelligent person could come to after reading the sources I’ve cited and listing the facts that I have listed. As I’ve said, if this was a culture of white males rather than of brown males, nothing I have said would be controversial; it would in fact be regarded as “progressive” and “liberal” since nothing is apparently more progressive than bashing white males and everything that we have built, including the countries and societies that Muslims flee to in order to escape other Muslims.

The crime I’ve committed here is of letting the facts get in the way of a good story and of letting knowledge triumph over ignorance, reason over emotion and this will be shown by the comments I receive about this post which will probably not challenge me on a factual basis. Instead they will focus on my emotional state or simply be insults. No one disputes the facts, because the facts are largely agreed upon; it’s simply regarded as being the case that if you state the facts that you are a hateful bigot.


Actually talking to Cots reminds me of something. S and I are nigh on the same height and, being ubergoth, she has a habit of wearing boots like these. This means that basically her E/F cup boobs are in my face whenever I want to talk to her and eventually I get neck ache from constantly having to look up. So I reach this point where I just can’t be bothered and I talk to her boobs. So she’s like, “Sometimes I think that I’m just a pair of boobs to you” and of course me being me I’ll answer with, “Well, you do have an arse as well” or “Wait, there’s more to you than boobs?” and then I get swatted.

An absurd proposition.

Regular and longtime readers of this esteemed and established blog (whatever) will be familiar with the authors general view that life, being in the final analysis pointless, especially in consideration of the fact of the inevitable heat death of the universe wherein all human civilisation, should any at such distant and temporally remote remove from our present time still exist, will be snuffed out.

That’s all one sentence; rather impressed by that, I shall continue.

Life thus being pointless it is also absurd in that any search for meaning or any attempt to create meaning is in fact insane. In fact your, hopefully, beloved author regards virtually the entire human race as insane for the very fact of it’s general inability to realise, acknowledge and accept its own absurdity.

Don’t worry, this is not the worlds most florid suicide note and no, I will not get to the point because I am enjoying this. Where was I?

Ah yes. So, so many silly humans, silly carbon units if you will, spend their brief and finite existences worrying about things which, with not a lot of reflection, are obviously quite silly and absurd and so waste their time and get nowhere. Instead of realising how absurd life is they insanely try to rationally deal with it, to make sense of something that actually makes no sense.

Hence my life has become a rather bohemian, epicurean, style of hedonism, which is to say that it is hardly a wild kind of hedonism but one which seeks satisfaction in life’s small pleasures while rejecting the norms of society in favour of living life in a way that pleases me. Generally this means reading a lot, arguing a lot and being three sheets to the wind and sailing rather close to the wind on a range of topics. Social opprobrium is not something I particularly fear and I think my own values are superior to everyone else’s, with the caveat that: heat death of the universe kind of renders the whole thing meaningless.

So (this is where it might get interesting) (might not) (doesn’t matter because heat death of the universe) ages ago I blogged about a woman I believe I labelled as Q. Let us assume that one’s memory serves and she was indeed Q. Q and I are very different people and there is a bit of an age gap and she holds a lot of opinions which I generally can’t stand, I think she’s wrong. In fact, I know that she’s wrong.

All that said though I actually admire her intelligence, I admire that she is well travelled, I admire the depth and breadth of her intellect and her wide eyed curiosity about the world along with her passion, compassion, and general all round good nature. Also I think that maybe we share a common outlook in that I think we both find life absurd and we both think that life is for experiencing things and getting out of our comfort zone. She’s a unique person, she’s unlike anyone that I’ve ever come across, which is interesting to me.

She is, of course, quite attractive: one’s taste in women is legendary and it goes without saying that when I say that a woman is attractive that she is. Although granted she is not my usual type, but she is none the less very attractive.

Q certainly used to read this blog, in fact I know for a fact that she has recently read this blog and I was thinking that we find ourselves stuck on this ball of rock hurtling around the sun, aware of the absurdity of it all, looking for new adventures to pass the time and not really giving too much of a damn about social mores and that maybe I should proposition her, because, why the hell not? We’re both adults, we can be adults about adult things. Plus I like being open and honest with people and the odd thing about blogging is that you end up seeing people’s private thoughts, in a bizarre way someone that you’ve never met, never even really talked to, knows more about you than your friends do.

It’s something I’m giving thought to.