Apparently I’m still in the doghouse over the whole Dakota thing. I thought it had all blown over but then on Sunday morning I got a series of messages informing me that C is “fed up of playing second fiddle to Dakota” which I found to be a most curious statement. If she’d have wanted to come to the cinema she could have, but she expressly told me twice that because Dakota was there she didn’t want to come.

I responded to this that the idea that she is playing “second fiddle to Dakota”, a person I seldom see because she is away at university, a person who in several years has utterly failed to return my feelings and who, often as not, ignores me is somewhat ludicrous. Apparently, though, according to C, Dakota and I will be in a relationship at some point. I’ll chalk that one up to woman’s intuition. Personally, I expect to be struck by lightning on the way to collect my lottery jackpot when Dakota calls to talk to me about being in a relationship.

She hasn’t talked to me since.

I talked to S about it and got the usual, “Now what have you done?” lecture. Then I talked to CM about it who gave me the usual lecture about women being sensitive to emotions and something about women being possessive. I don’t really understand but the gist of it is that women are in some way sensitive to things that men are not and I as a man need to be aware of this. I find it all quite bemusing and quite Kafkaesque if I’m honest. CC just thinks it’s funny as far as I can gather.

Hey ho.




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  1. Feeling and emotions and love are a fucking minefield. If I knew the way safely through, I’d tell you, but frankly I’m just as much in the dark as you. Minus the person getting territorial over me.

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