As far as birthdays go I’m rather liking this one. I’ve had a minimum of disturbance, I’ve slept most of the day, no one is making a fuss, and I have lots of new books to read and a not bad quantity of cash. Also dad is talking about buying me a new gaming PC…………usual dad problems around this: he’s good at buying overpriced crap or the totally wrong thing. Very much the “I appreciate you spending the money on me, but if you’d asked me what I wanted though I could have saved you a lot and got something much better though”.

Fortunately he’s learned that consulting me is wise and we’ve avoided a repeat of the debacle where he bought an £800 PC sans graphics card and with a PSU so shit that it couldn’t be upgraded. Also I have learned to avoid the phrase “This is shit” and instead learned to say, “I think we can do a bit better than that for the money”.


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