Wow, just wow!


Every once in a while some act of total genius, like this, crops up. This isn’t just a meme, this is a metameme. This is an idea that’s been in our culture for almost two and a half thousand years. If you don’t immediately get this reference then you are a pleb because it’s the defining idea of Western Civilisation first elucidated in one of our greatest books. Your education is sorely lacking if you do not immediately understand this image and where it comes from, or you’re not a Westerner. One of the two.

This, for me, is a real work of art if we’re defining art as something which communicates a message and it works on many levels. First off, the obvious one: it’s Plato’s Allegory of the Cave found in book seven of The Republic  which is one of the foundational texts of Western Civilisation. The second level up is that obviously it draws parallels between the cave, which is culture and ideology, and today’s media which creates our culture and ideology and it’s a critique of the media. It equates the shadows on the wall with what we call, “the narrative”. The third level of this, for me, is the green faced guy looking at the viewer in the sunlit uplands of reason. That’s Pepe the frog who is the mascot, I suppose, of 4chan and especially /pol/ the politically incorrect forum. So the third level is saying, “We /pol/acks are the spiritual successors of Socrates, and his students, leading people away from unconscious acceptance of the narrative and into the sunlit uplands of reason. We are refounding Western Civilisation.”.


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