I’ve always written Cyberpunk. It’s a genre that I naturally have an affinity for and if I can ever get myself sorted out I want to write a cyberpunk novel. In fact I have a whole universe sketched out after a flash of inspiration yesterday while taking a shower. The only problem is that I have a world to put characters into, but no characters. Usually my Cyberpunk characters, my main characters, were basically S and me. I have one short story, well flash fiction piece really, where this isn’t the case. That piece may actually be unique in the history of literature because the character actually essentially changes gender in the middle of the story.

So anyway I can’t think of any characters and I’m kind of stuck for a plot without them. More time in the shower methinks. The best I’ve sort of got is that because of le evil megacorporation the protagonist has to leave the West. This is supposed to be after WW3 and the rise, and fall, of the far right and Europe is a technologically advanced place which runs on fusion and hydrogen fuel which means that the Middle East is economically devastated and also cut off. There’s literally a wall in some places. I’m thinking also that there’s a caliphate which hates technology so the Middle East is basically medieval. The protagonist has to go there for some reason though. No idea why at this point.

Or maybe they have to go to Russia. Russia at this point is pretty devastated too after the war it lost to NATO’s army of robots and drones.I’m not sure at this point.


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