An absurd proposition.

Regular and longtime readers of this esteemed and established blog (whatever) will be familiar with the authors general view that life, being in the final analysis pointless, especially in consideration of the fact of the inevitable heat death of the universe wherein all human civilisation, should any at such distant and temporally remote remove from our present time still exist, will be snuffed out.

That’s all one sentence; rather impressed by that, I shall continue.

Life thus being pointless it is also absurd in that any search for meaning or any attempt to create meaning is in fact insane. In fact your, hopefully, beloved author regards virtually the entire human race as insane for the very fact of it’s general inability to realise, acknowledge and accept its own absurdity.

Don’t worry, this is not the worlds most florid suicide note and no, I will not get to the point because I am enjoying this. Where was I?

Ah yes. So, so many silly humans, silly carbon units if you will, spend their brief and finite existences worrying about things which, with not a lot of reflection, are obviously quite silly and absurd and so waste their time and get nowhere. Instead of realising how absurd life is they insanely try to rationally deal with it, to make sense of something that actually makes no sense.

Hence my life has become a rather bohemian, epicurean, style of hedonism, which is to say that it is hardly a wild kind of hedonism but one which seeks satisfaction in life’s small pleasures while rejecting the norms of society in favour of living life in a way that pleases me. Generally this means reading a lot, arguing a lot and being three sheets to the wind and sailing rather close to the wind on a range of topics. Social opprobrium is not something I particularly fear and I think my own values are superior to everyone else’s, with the caveat that: heat death of the universe kind of renders the whole thing meaningless.

So (this is where it might get interesting) (might not) (doesn’t matter because heat death of the universe) ages ago I blogged about a woman I believe I labelled as Q. Let us assume that one’s memory serves and she was indeed Q. Q and I are very different people and there is a bit of an age gap and she holds a lot of opinions which I generally can’t stand, I think she’s wrong. In fact, I know that she’s wrong.

All that said though I actually admire her intelligence, I admire that she is well travelled, I admire the depth and breadth of her intellect and her wide eyed curiosity about the world along with her passion, compassion, and general all round good nature. Also I think that maybe we share a common outlook in that I think we both find life absurd and we both think that life is for experiencing things and getting out of our comfort zone. She’s a unique person, she’s unlike anyone that I’ve ever come across, which is interesting to me.

She is, of course, quite attractive: one’s taste in women is legendary and it goes without saying that when I say that a woman is attractive that she is. Although granted she is not my usual type, but she is none the less very attractive.

Q certainly used to read this blog, in fact I know for a fact that she has recently read this blog and I was thinking that we find ourselves stuck on this ball of rock hurtling around the sun, aware of the absurdity of it all, looking for new adventures to pass the time and not really giving too much of a damn about social mores and that maybe I should proposition her, because, why the hell not? We’re both adults, we can be adults about adult things. Plus I like being open and honest with people and the odd thing about blogging is that you end up seeing people’s private thoughts, in a bizarre way someone that you’ve never met, never even really talked to, knows more about you than your friends do.

It’s something I’m giving thought to.


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