The Alt-right and low information voters.

1472333176597It’s funny watching the mainstream media trying to get a handle on us since Hillary started mentioning us and calling us “White nationalists” and “Neo-nazis”. The “alt-right” is actually a rather diverse group; there are communists, a large number of Ancaps, libertarians of various stripes, classical liberals, old fashioned conservatives, social democrats and yes, a few neo-nazis who are endlessly fighting the actual nazis. If cannot tell a neo-nazi from an actual nazi……..

The things we have in common are pretty limited: A belief in the superiority of Western Civilisation, a willingness to accept statistics, a common meme culture which we communicate in, a perverse sense of humour and a love of provocation. Most of us are STEM students or STEM grads, we’re intellectually way above the average and used to dealing with complexity. In fact we rather like complexity.

For instance normies are happy dealing with two numbers. So 100 and 70 , they can handle any story which is put to them where men earn 100 and women earn 70 and on that basis will accept the existence of the pay gap. This is because their degree is usually in arts and humanities where no complex data is ever presented.

These people struggle when more numbers are added, say, the numbers for average earnings of men and women at age 25 then at age 45, numbers for average earnings of married men and unmarried men, married women and unmarried women. The numbers for average earnings in different fields, the numbers for the proportion of men and women in each field. These are too many numbers for normies to handle because they’re low information voters. When all these numbers are thrown into the mix they show that the pay gap is what people who understand statistics call “an artifact of statistics”.

The alt-right is just a group of people who can handle this kind of complexity, and are comfortable with it, and whose picture of reality isn’t just a collection of low information narratives and memes picked up from the media. The alt-right is only interested in reading research. So “Islam is a religion of peace” is a meme and it exists in society because lots of people consume mainstream media which has plenty of friendly looking Muslims saying that Islam is a religion of peace and the media runs stories saying that anyone who disagrees is a horrible racist islamophobe and on that basis the average person contracts the meme. The Alt-right are people who do the reading and realise that no person who follows the Qu’ran according to the example of Muhammad as laid out in the biographies could ever be peaceful. Low information voters aren’t going to do all this reading though; the smiley Muslim telling them that Islam is a religion of peace is enough for them.

The really interesting thing about the Alt-right is that it realised a decade ago that normies are low information dumbasses who don’t read but they do respond to memes incredibly well. So you post memes all over the internet, and you make them shocking and funny, and people share them on social media.The next thing you know you’ve grown so much that the potential next President of the United States has to make a speech about you and all you’ve done is slap some “nazi iconography” on stuff for shock value and share it. That’s how dumb people are: intelligent people would realise the patent attempt at creating shock value, maybe have a laugh, and move on but thick people take it seriously and the Streisand effect kicks in and the meme goes viral.

By the same token people will come on to a board called “Politically Incorrect” and wonder why everyone is being so politically incorrect because they lack the ability to pick up on the social cues which inform intelligent people that the board is not just a space which allows political incorrectness, it expects it, that’s why the racist, sexist, homophobic language is so hyperbolic. The expectation is that posters will say things in the most hyperbolic way possible for amusement value. Again though, thick people don’t pick up on the hyperbole; they’ve never realised why “Kek” which means “lol” has literally been elevated to the standard of a God, like it’s never occurred to them that a major principle of the Alt-right is do whatever is outrageously funny and people in the mainstream are taking it seriously. Naturally this is what the Alt-right wants because it’s hilarious, trolling only works if the idiots you’re trolling take you seriously.

So we’ve ended up in this place where an internet subculture which communicates in memes that are deliberately incomprehensible to the outsider and which regards double digits in the post number as expressing the divine will of its God Kek is taken seriously by mainstream media as a political movement.

Nobody took us seriously when we were corrupting online polls to get a new flavour of Mountain Dew named as, “Hitler did nothing wrong” but now suddenly we’re a political movement? Really mainstream? Really? I suppose we’re a victim of our own success.




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