So I’m coming away from the bar and I take a sip out of my guinness as I squeeze between two groups of bar loiterers. I look up from my pint and BM is there looking just past me, lips pursed in that way that you do when you realise, with huge embarrassment, that the random stranger is not, in fact, smiling at you and you pretend that you were not, in fact smiling back at them.

I logged this mentally as being interesting but not necessarily meaning anything considering that she’s totally ignored me since I asked her out. Later on though we started making eye contact every now and then as she pottered about clearing tables and taking food out.

Curious thing is that our table never gets cleared. She comes to the table next to us, clears it. The table behind us, clears it. Our table though? Our table has the beer wall of China growing on it. It’s been this way since I asked her out. Last night, though, I got little bits of eye contact and I even caught her looking over a few times. Then right at the end there was some drunk guy trying to chat her up and she swings by our table, finally gives me some good solid eye contact, for the first time in months, with a bit of a smile and asks if she can clear the table, for the first time in months.

So I’m curious to see what happens the next time I see her; she might even say hello.



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