I have Arab female friends, female friends who are Arab……..whichever……….and when you hear an Arab woman, someone who has grown up in Damascus or Riyadh or Dubai talk about what it’s like to be a woman back home and what the men are like and then a certain very silly German woman throws open Europe’s borders to 1.5 million Arabs 80% of which are men………Yeah you don’t look on this favorably.

When you’ve been with an Arab woman and you’re drinking tea and her phone is ringing literally every five minutes because the three guys that she met yesterday at the University’s Arab society are now constantly calling her and when you’ve seen this enough to know that this will go on for weeks and that they’ll stalk her around campus and that they are not quite right in the head and you hear people getting angry because someone very sensibly said that maybe these people are not the best fit for Western society you’re like, “And how many Arab women do you know?”.

When one of your female friends who is Arab is also a Christian and you hear how Christians are treated in Damascus and you realise that someone thinks it’s a good idea to import these people who abuse Christians into the Christian west you also realise that whoever thinks that this is a good idea is interculturally incompetent, ignorant and probably has an IQ no greater than their European shoe size.

If you say to me, “Let’s let in the women and children” alright. “Let’s let in the Christians” alright, fine. “Let’s let in Muslim men” umm, no.


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