I have a really good feeling about the next twelve months. I’m not sitting and waiting anymore, I can crack on. There’s nothing holding me back now and everything is on my own terms or terms I can handle. It’s all about me now and what I can do, and I can do anything. I. Am. That. Good.

I’ve always had this sense of destiny, even in the darkest moments, in the worst depressions and the times in my life where everything seemed hopeless. I don’t know what that destiny is but I’ve always felt that there was something higher, something outside of myself either guiding me or with plans for me. I suppose if I was religious I’d call it God but I’m not. Maybe it’s something to do with being bipolar……..either way that sense of something looking out for me is always there and right now it’s yelling, “GO! GO! GO! You’re ready! No matter what just keep pushing forward and you’ll be fine”.

Maybe it is God; that’d be funny. Maybe I’m just hypomanic, maybe my hypomania was given to me so that I could do what I do.

In other news I bought the blu ray of Dune yesterday………..yeah, no. It’s not good.


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