What I want.

You forever in my arms, my soft kisses on your forehead. Knowing that you feel loved and that you feel this way because of how I treat you, knowing that the world can see that I love you as if it were written on my forehead the way that is written on my soul. To stroke your soft cheeks, to kiss them, to feel the softness of your lips on mine, the heat of your body, the gentleness of your fingers knowing that you feel for me what I feel for you. To gaze for a million years into the deep blue of your eyes and to lose myself totally in you like a drop of water loses itself in the vast ocean. To know the peace that only being in your arms, feeling your kisses can bring.


It’s funny. I need to read Virgil’s Aeneid for this thing I’m doing and I open the cover and there she’s written, “For all you cannot believe, and all you’re capable of”.


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