Tuesday night drinking happened. We get to the bar, I get the first round in and we head to our usual spot. Next to us is this blonde with hair that stretches all the way down to her back. I can’t see her face but she looks quite attractive all in all.

A few minutes later and I hear that giggle and look over at said blonde and it’s BM. For most of the night we sit there drinking, me chatting to my friends, all the bar staff, her chatting to hers. We don’t even make eye contact even when we’re looking at each other but I catch her looking at me as I go up the stairs to the toilet. Curious.

I can overhear various bits of her conversation: she wants to do jagerbombs but her friends won’t do them with her. She hasn’t had sex since August, the last time she had sex before that was May, before that the previous November and she rattles off each occasion that she’s had sex for the past two years in worrying detail. “I get a lot of attention but no action” she sighs. We’re still not talking but we’re only three feet apart.

It’s about eleven, it’s my round and I head to the bar, I come back, she looks up at me with a smile, looks at my table, “Jesus, how much guinness have you had?” Jboy and I react with mock defensiveness “No more than usual!” We start chatting, the manager brings her a pile of new menus to fold and I tease her about it and the conversation starts to flow. Eventually I head to the bar and buy her a jagerbomb. On her next round she buys me one and then she buys me another one. “Now you’re trying to get me drunk!” she smiles “No one else will do them with me” she says, and we knock them back.

Soon it’s closing time, so I decide to be a little bit bold and I hug her goodbye before heading out into the cold.

What a curious night.




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