I’m holding up pretty well considering it’s November and I had a bit of a knock yesterday; today though I’m back on form. I feel a bit zoned out as I always do at this time of year but basically I’m alright.

A funny thing happened on the way to the dojo. I was running for the peasant chariot, I say running, I was actually walking fast. Anywho. I was on the way to the peasant chariot when I thought I heard someone calling to me. I dismissed it but then upon boarding said move of transport I got a text saying, “Did you just ignore me?” from M of all people.

The irony in this is that M ignores me unless she wants sex. Turns out that she’s just started managing a shop on the high street and I’d walked past her as she was coming out of work. So now we’re doing this catch up thing: today I went and saw her and we’re meant to be going out for a catch up coffee and a meal next week. It’s all a bit bizarre but whatever. “We haven’t seen each other in years!” all that jazz.

In other news C and I have watched Iron Man 1+2 and R’s observation that I am quite like Tony Stark has been confirmed, which will place into an ironic context the fact that I was asked yesterday if I wanted to go on a confidence building course…….


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