One day Scarlett Johansson will be my wife. I aim high in life.

You know, I think that I’m quite bored with the woman situation at the moment. There was a time in my life where I just kept on coming across really confident women who could appreciate men who make really direct approaches and have functioning balls. Now, though…….. Like PUAs say that you have to go after 7’s or above because even if you genuinely like a 5 or 6 they don’t have the confidence to accept that you actually like them.

I think this is the situation with Dakota and BM. In fact I know that it’s the situation with Dakota because she told me that she doesn’t believe that I feel the way I do about her. BM though: She spends months flirting with me, blows me kisses and then ignores me after I ask her out to only then, a couple of months later, go back to flirting. I think maybe she’s cottoned on that I kind of like her and would like to know her a bit better and find out if we just like flirting with each other or there could be more.

I find dating really boring. S and C, and others, are like, “Most women aren’t used to dealing with confident men who want them” because apparently in our beta mangina age actually just asking a woman if she’d like to go for a drink or expressing, directly, an interest requires extraordinary balls. Apparently, “You know, you’re a very attractive woman” is too much for women to handle. Dakota goes bright red and stares at the floor when I tell her this, which is amazingly cute, she literally doesn’t know what to say or how to react.

The last time she sort of mumbled, “Do you really think so?”. I felt like saying, “Yes you fucking idiot. Do I need to use crayons or something?” because you know full well that she’s questioning it all in her head and I’m thinking like: How about we let me decide if I find you attractive and you not question that and then you just kind of enjoy that someone really likes you and thinks that you’re beautiful?” It’s quite annoying when a woman tells you that you don’t find her as attractive as you think you do – like you’re going to be thinking about it one day and be like, “Ooh actually, no, she’s right, I think she’s minging. How could I not have noticed that I thought she was minging?”

I think BM is the same. “I get a lot of attention but no action” and here’s me barreling in with, “Do you want to go for a drink sometime?” and she shits herself because action just happened, like someone with balls actually asked her out. She’s cute, she’s attractive, she has huge boobs, like G cups with an exceptionally favorable boob to belly ratio. I’m betting that every fucker that flirts with her actually thinks that she’s way out of their league and because of that no one ever actually asks her out and she thinks that she’s unattractive.

There’s actually this thing where exceptionally attractive women don’t get asked out because men are intimidated by them and so they think that they’re unattractive. I think it’s the same with busty women: men worry that she’ll think that they’re just after their boobs.

I just want to meet someone with enough confidence to make everything relatively uncomplicated and for there to be some positive drama, a bit of romance. Dating, as a guy, is the most boring thing in the world because mainly it involves sitting around trying to think of witty things to write and it actually rapidly reaches a point where you realise that the pay off for the effort involved is usually pretty minimal and that somehow getting fifty messages a day off of guys makes women arrogant, intolerant, angry and bitchy but not actually confident or attractive. It isn’t fun and it isn’t rewarding.


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