Horses for courses.

As if I decided that going on a course in London on a Saturday was a good idea. I had to be up about 5:30am. The only bright spot is that R is coming and the dojo is literally a stones throw from a Brewdog… in if I stood on the pavement outside the dojo hitting Brewdog with a stone would be possible.

So now I’m racing south on the motorway. I say I. I’m in the back and sensei is driving talking about dojo politics and how things were in the old days.

In random news I’ve found a pornstar that looks like BM……Still not sure what I’m doing with her. I think I’m in a place where I’m content for weekly flirting and jagerbombing. I just can’t really see it going much beyond that. I’ve already asked her out, she’s said no, we’re in this position of now talking and flirting and jagerbombing again, as I see it the door is obviously open, I’ve made a move, it’s now her turn.

I’m hoping that we stop for coffee.



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