I love the sound of rain on my window. I’m so tired, I’ve been on the go for nearly twenty hours. You know when I said that when I think of Dakota it makes me sleepy? It also works the other way around. I also think of S. Right now I’m thinking back to this time when we were snuggling on the day bed in her conservatory listening to the rain. I’m in such a snuggly mood. I just want to snuggle up to one of them and sleep. I want that feeling of being looked after and cared for, the warmth of a body wrapped around me, all that.

I feel like such a baby sometimes, especially with the whole breast fetish thing, but I figure that as far as things go this isn’t too bad. It’s not like I have a balloon fetish or something and most women are quite appreciative of snuggles.I think that I’m also quite narcoleptic in that I love sleep and will fall asleep just about anywhere that’s warm and comfortable.

Anyway, sleep.


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