Reductio ad absurdum.

So I was reading this and responded thus:

Technically, and by an effectively infinitesimal amount, according to Austrian school economics, and with some caveats, it would reduce inflation. The amount of products in the economy stays the same but the amount of dollars in circulation, assuming no one at the other end doesn’t mind fishing it out, has decreased thus increasing the spending power of each individual dollar.

So if we only had a billion or so strippers dropping one dollar or so each a month down the loo we could counteract the disastrous monetary policies of the fed and save the entire Western world from economic collapse and I can’t believe that I’m even thinking of this while being stone cold sober.

Now I’m nearly crying with laughter. I’m actually going to miss SA because SA and a little cohort of our mutual friends are the kind of guys who are just too smart for our own good. On Saturday night I found myself reclining on a bean bag like a Roman emperor drinking belgian beer and talking about the Simulation hypothesis, the economic and geopolitical future of the West, the migrant crisis and subjects like that.

Being with these guys is one of the few times that I feel like I ever have an intelligent conversation but in with the sublime is the ridiculous because we always end up using economic and political theory to talk about totally inane things and much to the bemusement of onlookers we’ll spend hours talking deeply intellectual nonsense

I can imagine a conversation about how strippers dropping dollars down the toilet might affect the US-China trade balance going on for an hour or two with questions being asked like: How do we get enough stippers to drop enough dollars town the loo to make an impact, could we mass produce robot strippers? How do you get a man to give a robot money to be naked? And so on with the conversation getting more and more absurd and more and more funny as time and alcohol consumption goes on.

Of course I would be slagging SA off for being a Marxist and he would be returning the insults because apparently I’m a fascist because everything in our relationship devolves into our political differences. We had an hour long pseudo-argument over the definition of “sell” on Friday after he said that I was class traitor for selling my labour.

I can’t wait until April when he comes back.


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