I find this hard to write for reasons I might explain at the end. Trigger warnings for perversion, TMI, etc.

So Tuesday drinking happened as normal, not sure what’s happening with Dakota, i.e when she’s back from uni, seeing Rogue One, etc. I assume that’ll happen next week.

BM was working, the bar was rammed and at first I didn’t notice her until, and I’m not sure how I feel about myself for this, but I noticed this huge pair of boobs bouncing down the stairs. BM has a habit of running up and down the stairs and since my usual spot is on the sofa side onto the stairs I see her running up and down quite a lot. Needless to say that when you have huge boobs and you run up and down stairs they jiggle around a lot and needless to say one’s mammary obsession and general maleness ensures that the processing power of one’s wetware is immediately and almost exclusively, save for basic homeostasis, devoted to said motion the moment it is detected.

We didn’t really talk, she was too busy and obviously tired and stressed. I did speak to her, briefly just to ask if she was okay and I bought her a jagerbomb and she smiled with that cheeky smile. Then as I was leaving I opened my arms to hug her and she dived underneath and vanished around the corner, which I laughed about. When she’s working she’s always in a very focused mindset. When she’s at work, she’s at work and it’s only when there’s nothing to do that she’ll come and flirt or talk.

Speaking of talking: I’ve taken to going in on a Thursday and Friday morning for breakfast because my chances of getting a lunch break on either day are somewhere around nil. Partly this is my fault since I seem to be a selective workaholic: when I’ve started on a task I work through until it’s done and actually if I have two tasks then I’d rather complete them both and then go for lunch than go for lunch and get out of my little zone. I suppose BM and I share that kind of attitude. Curious. So it makes sense to go for a large breakfast because that will carry me through the day and on a Friday it gives me a chance to see her when I’m alone and the pub is quiet.

Of course, I went for breakfast today and she was pottering about and I always make something of a point to not disturb her if she’s obviously busy, I think that giving her space is important also because I don’t want to be creepy or obviously into her too much. I’m just a customer in for breakfast and if she wants to talk or there’s a need to talk then we do. Frequent readers will know that this usually takes the form of banter and flirting but recently things are now shifting over to just talking, which I regard as progress because we’re now taking each other seriously.

So she was pottering about and she cleans the table next to mine: I’m reading The Times on my phone and she says, “You’re in early again” and I explained how I have no time for lunch so a big breakfast is better for me, “Fair enough”. I asked how she was and I know that they have her working all hours, she looks so tired recently. Turns out that she was working last night and was meant to have this morning off, which means that she’s been in since 6am and I assume that, as with last week, she’s not really getting much sleep. She said that she was pissed off and tempted to walk out.

My current plan is therefore to just keep going for breakfast and keep having little conversations to build some common ground rather than just asking her out outright. I think that if we get to know each other a bit more and that I’m interested in how she is and in her as a person that things will eventually reach a point where going for a drink will be natural.

In related news I was around at Gman’s house dropping off presents for his little ones, he’s just acquired a new one, a daughter, as in literally acquired since they’re adopting again, and so it was the first time I’ve seen her. Mr and Mrs Gman managed to get them off to sleep and then she went out to see her mum which left Gman and I in the house with enough wine to drown a small african country. Leaving us in charge is always a recipe for chaos and sure enough I was soon updating him on the BM situation.

It has come to our attention that few things in life get more female approval than children and we have two of them. “So you go for breakfast every week?” “Yeah” “How about I bring one of the kids? She gets to see you with children which women always love, Mrs Gman gets a bit of a break since she’s been having both of them since I went back to work and I get to spend time with my best mate”. Genius. Especially since feeding duties often devolve onto me since sprog number one rather likes me. This is an understatement: My arrival is always greeted with positive jubilation and often when it comes to lunch he refuses to be fed by Gman and demands that I do it.

I admit that there is a certain amount of low cunning here, but I figure that all is fair in love and war and, actually, we’ve been in there before with sprog one many times so it’s not entirely a ruse de guerre.


I find this hard to write because for some reason – and I think this is to do with the fact that I’ve been taking vitamin C tablets which contain zinc, which boosts testosterone – I am outrageously horny and have been for a couple of weeks. S got a very white Christmas. Everything went to shit: I was meant to see her today but family commitments ruined that so she decided that we’d meet up last night, only I was out with C until late so nothing happened until about 2am before anything happened.

Fortunately she has the top floor of the house to herself which meant going up three flights of stairs which seems simple until you realise that I’m not very good at keeping my hands off her, so it was a case of me always trying to touch and her swatting my hands away. Eventually we got into her room and we had a cuddle, by which I mean that I buried my face in her cleavage and found this so calming that I went completely dopey. The stroking and the little kisses didn’t help. S managed to get us onto the bed after some maneuvering, clothes came off, breasts were liberated and I had my first long suckle in months, during which I nearly fell asleep. This happens.

The next thing I know I get slapped and she says, “Oi, I need to be fucked” to which I wasn’t entirely responsive. I’m not going to lie, it wasn’t my finest moment of sexual performance. The next thing I know my cock is getting hot and wet and I realised I’m getting a blow job and a pretty amazing one. That woke me up. I guided her to the edge of the bed and she knew what I wanted. She got on her knees and wrapped her breasts around my cock and they were so soft and warm and she was cooing at me like, “I know what you want, I’m going to give you everything and be so good to you” and that was like a trip wire.

I pushed her on her back, buried my face in her pussy and started licking. I love licking S because she’s very responsive and kind of dominant so she doesn’t just lay there like a fish, I know if I’m doing a good job or not. Plus there’s just something I love about having a face full of pussy, the wetness, the heat, the smell especially. Turns out that I wasn’t doing a good job, “Don’t lick me like a girl, I’ve been licked by girls for months, I need a man”. Dear reader, I was very not happy. So I pretty much threw her on the bed. She tried sitting up so I pushed her back down, I bit her inner thigh gently and then licked her clit like a wild thing, shoved my fingers right into her, everything. There was nothing gentle about it. Then I knew I was doing something right because she shut up and just grabbed my head and I could feel her body tensing and then relaxing, tensing, relaxing, and she started writhing.

By now I was ravenous. I flipped her over, she tried getting up again, I pushed her back down again and then realised that this, while enormously satisfying, was not going to work anatomically, so I ended up picking her back up again. The next, however long it lasted, was pretty rough: I pretty much just grabbed her shoulders and started slam fucking her.

I was like, “Is this what you want?” and she said nothing, which I always take as a good sign, so I asked her again and she still didn’t respond, so I slapped her arse and told her to answer me and I got a kind of “gyah” sound out of her. I got bored of doggy, flipped her over, put her legs over my shoulders and went in again, just as rough as before and she sort of just reached out to me briefly before just laying back and taking it. So I slapped her arse again and she totally came back to life. I put her legs down, we got into missionary and we were sort of back to being sort sensual because I was trying to pace myself. That lasted for a while until she suddenly said, “You can spunk on face if you want” “Do you want me to?” “Yes, spunk on my face” “I don’t think you want it” “Fucking spunk on my face” “You want it?” “I want it, give it to me” and this was all done rather aggressively and I totally lost control at this point and started fucking the shit out of her and then she growls at me “Call me a slut” so I called her a slut, she went into some patter about looking after me and then went quiet, her body tensed up, she started panting, gave one big grown and then relaxed and started telling me to spunk on her face……..so I did.




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