Isn’t it?

There’s nothing worse than terrible sex.

In other news I flushed out Dakota. I think. I spotted her on Tinder which meant that she was back home from uni. I’ve been so wrapped up in BM that I haven’t really been all that fussed about Dakota – more of which later – so I dropped a her a FB message to say hi and that I wouldn’t tell Jboy. Jboy isn’t going to be happy that she’s been back and not told him. The curious thing is that Dakota then read that message, so on Tuesday night I was in cheeky mood so I started basically taunting her “Oh now you’re reading my messages?” then I told her that I still quite liked her because she was intelligent and blah blah.

Now for some context about two hours before this I was doing jagerbombs with BM. BM is an odd one. C has taken a disliking to her because she is very flirty with everyone and I see where she’s coming from. One thing that’s, not bugging me, but I suppose sticks in my mind. Things have changed: Before she’d be bold as brass, stick her tongue out at me on sight, have some flirty quip ready for the moment we met. Now she looks at me and she looks quite uncertain. We’ll make eye contact and she waits to see what I’m going to do. So I gave her a wave and she gives me this nervous little wave and a smile back and then after that she was back to being bold as brass.

There’s something quite vulnerable about her. Anyway so I had this gut feeling so I posted a status on FB that basically said that I had this gut feeling and asking who wanted to be best man. It was a vague status, it said nothing but, probably because of that, it elicited huge attention with everyone wanting to know what was going on. I’ll be honest, I was totally evasive because after the debacle with B and India I’m buggered if I’m letting anyone near her and also because I’m aware that, essentially, nothing is going on. We flirt, we talk, we have a few drinks together, maybe we hug, that’s it. This blog for weeks has basically about me getting everything down while it’s fresh so I can mull things over because basically nothing is really happening. The last thing I want is all my mates piling into the place to see her and her getting the impression that I’ve said something big is happening. I’ve said nothing because there is nothing really to tell. I’ve spent literally months patiently building a relationship with her, I’m not risking it.

Either way it created a huge fuss on FB, Sensei was demanding more information, as was B, other people were planning the stag do, Gman, who knows everything and has met her, was offering to reveal her name for a bottle of 18 Year old Talisker and sharing anecdotes about her and it would have been popping up in all my friend’s feeds for hours.

The upshot about all this and whether there is a connection between be being a cheeky ass, the FB status and this is an uncertain thing in my mind, but, guess who I’m going for a drink with tonight? Mhmm, yeah. Guess who after ignoring me as she does now wants to meet up? Yeah. I’m telling her fuck all. I’m waiting for the moment she says, “So, who is this person you were talking about on FB”.How I’m going to respond to this I don’t know. I might say, “Well there’s no immediate need to storm off in a jealous rage like you did over India and the low cut top and the leaning forward thing…… I’m not stupid.”

I am manic as fuck.


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