So I’m sitting opposite her, Jboy goes off to the bar, the conversation becomes more personal. She leans forward, puts her folded arms on the table, her boobs on her arms and I’m thinking to myself, “You have to say something”. So I mentioned about this job that I’m going for and how if I get it I’d like to do some traveling. We talk about traveling for a bit and I say, “Would you come traveling with me?” “Ahh, I like to travel alone. Where are you thinking of going?” “Paris” “I want to go back to Paris” “How about we go together around March?” “Yeah, that sounds good. How would we get there? Fly or take the train?” “I reckon we can get some cheap flights”. Then Jboy came back and the conversation switched.

Naturally I was ecstatic.I told C over the phone and she put the phone down on me….and has defriended me on FB……great. I told S and S was like “You jammy little shit! Even if nothing happens this is a huge step forward!” Maple is happy too. CM is ignoring me because I didn’t respond to her and CC is ecstatic also.

More later, I feel like playing games.


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