So this internship thing was meant to be eight weeks and yesterday was meant to be my last day. I got in at 10:30 since no one really cares when I come and when I go and I went to see my boss who talked about making sure that my keycard and smart card were handed in and about jobs coming up in March. That done I sauntered back upstairs to the desk that I’ve more or less claimed and I was talking with the guy I usually work under.

“How do you feel about it being your last day?” “If I’m honest, not too happy, I really like it here, if I could I’d do another eight weeks”. Then just before lunch I was working on something and he and my boss suddenly appeared at my desk. There was a conspiratorial air and for a few moments I looked at one and then the other gauging if their slight smiles meant what they obviously meant. Eventually I broke the silence “What?”

“How would you feel about extending your internship?” “Pretty damn good actually” Then there was a brief discussion about the technicalities of it. The pair of them looked at each other like two men plotting something devious. “Come in next week as normal, I’ll see about having you shadow someone”. Shadowing people is generally not done since customer details are not for the eyes of plebs like me, so I suspect that the realisation has dawned on them, as it did on me, that if there are jobs coming up and there is someone enthusiastic enough to want to stick around and who has slotted into the team rather well, and has a reputation for working hard that it makes sense to train that person up and slip them into a job when they come up.

So I’m quite optimistic about the future. I’m still going for this MoD job but I feel like I have a bit of a safety net under me which is good because I need the extra money if I’m serious about going to Paris with Dakota, which I am. Actually I think the pay is actually higher on this job than at the MoD, I’m not sure, and it takes me literally twelve minutes to get from the office to my home.

In other news C still isn’t talking to me.

I’m missing S, I spent about three weeks with her more or less over Xmas and new year and into January and we hadn’t seen each other for months before that so it was a huge catch up session basically. I always forget how calming she can be sometimes. When she’s wild she’s wild, and when we argue it’s like a howling storm, but a lot of the time she’s like a cool still mountain pond. She never lets me say anything negative, even in jest. I have this real sense of being looked after when I’m around her, she’s a little ball of positivity.





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