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What a day. I’m feeling remarkably positive. We had this event at work today and I was doing the meet and greet and a guy from the Royal Navy Reserve was there and he set up his stall right by the door, where I was. All day long I had the guy talking up the benefits and awesomeness of joining the RNR while being a civil servant and, you know what? I’m giving it very serious thought. I think he might have had me somewhere between “shooting a minigun” and “You’re officer material“.

This is probably a bipolar thing but I have that sense of everything coming together. My horoscope (I know, I know) was positive, I bumped into this guy, I even managed to pick up Iron Man for £5 which is a film which has a certain significance for me, since I get compared to Tony Stark by my friends a lot.

I don’t feel like writing all that much anymore. I suppose because everything feels quite normal and stable at the moment. I don’t feel that I have much to write about despite the fact that I’m busier than ever and things are going better than ever. I’ll try and write more later.




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