So London happened. Some dude with magic sky daddy issues decides to please daddy by running some people over and stabbing a police officer, as you do. The correlation between having an arabic name and randomly killing people which is, of course, nothing to do with Islam continues. Let’s not bother with the curious correlation between being called “Muhammad” and going bang all of a sudden in crowded places, because that would be racist.

What really pissed me off is the left wing psychopathy that followed, as it does. “More people are killed in traffic accidents”. Right. So your moral compass sees a moral equivalence between premeditated murder and an accident? Good job on displaying your vaunted capacity for empathy lefties, let’s just try and dismiss the whole thing with percentages and your own inability to do morality, right? “Premeditated murder is fine until the body count equals the death toll of accidents”. Well that explains how socialist countries always have fucked up legal systems, they’re all like “Well he only murdered one person, what’s the deal?”

Of course the blood wasn’t even dry or the bodies cold and already the “not all muslims” “This isn’t real Islam” Newsthump with it’s psychopathic “Don’t get angry” bullshit. Fuck off. I’d like to grab one of these fuckwits, drag them over to a body and say, “Okay, fine, “not all muslims” and what? Seriously, where are you going with that? We’ve got a dead body here and you’re not talking about why we have a dead body. Noo, you, you sociopathic cunt, you’re not worried about why we have a body, you’re worried about literally any other issue other than why this person has just been murdered, aren’t you? Cunt”.

In case you’re wondering this makes my blood boil. I genuinely equate being left wing with sociopathy now. I’ve seen enough of this total inability to empathise, or even intellectually comprehend, the human tragedy of a terrorist attack. There’s something a bit sociopathic in defending the most misogynistic, homophobic, anti-liberal ideology going while claiming to be in favor of women’s rights, gay rights, free speech.

“Islam is a religion of peace, this is a total perversion of this great religion”. That tells me one thing: You haven’t read a single history of Islam. I can rattle off the four books I have on Islamic history, their authors, I can give you an overview of them, I can compare and contrast them. No one who says, “Islam is a religion of peace” can do that and be intellectually honest. Either they’re intellectually dishonest, i.e. lying, or they’re ignorant.

If any of you twats is reading this then allow me to demonstrate: Name the four rightly guided caliphs. Right, you haven’t got a clue have you? You’re defending an ideology that you know fuck all about because it’s practiced by brown people and your complete inability to empathise with people forces you to adopt this pseudomorality so that you can fit in with us normal functioning human beings.

If you know who the four rightly guided caliphs are then you know that abu Bakr, the namesake of one abu Bakr al-Baghdadi the leader of ISIS, (HINT he named himself after the first caliph because he intends to emulate him) spent his time fighting to bring the Arab tribes back into line after the death of Muhammad, who was a slave owning warlord. Then Omar spent most of his time attacking the Byzantine and Persian empires, Uthman’s reign saw the Islamic empire expand as far as India and the China. Ali spent all his time as caliph fighting other muslims. Where is this peace? From Muhammad onwards there was nothing but violent imperialistic expansion which cost the lives of tens of millions and led to the enslavement of even more. That’s Islam. That’s your “religion of peace”.

Yes, you’re a twat. You’re a twat because you’ve never read a book on the subject and you go around spouting demonstrable horseshit and enabling terrorism. Cunts like you are the smokescreen behind which terrorists hide. If it wasn’t for fuck nuts like you with the IQs of goldfish we wouldn’t be having this discussion about “not all muslims”. Instead the discussion would be, “The historical record shows that for fourteen centuries Islam’s relationship with the non-Islamic world, the place Muslims call “dar al-harb” the house of war, is one of unrelenting aggression, how do we end this?”

“Oh but colonialism” Again, fuck nuts, you haven’t read your history. Where in the middle east is Vienna? Yeah. So what the fuck was an Ottoman army doing there? You don’t know, do you, that the Ottomans occupied most of eastern Europe for centuries happily taking slaves from the population? The French colonised north Africa because the Ottomans used it as a base for launching slave raids into Europe until 1839. You think you know all about colonialism, but you’ve never asked what came before it, just like you think that you know all about the crusades but you don’t know what came before them, because you’re a moron. A sociopathic moron.

You want “unity” and an end to “division” and all that horseshit you spout? How about you unite around historical fact? How about you unite around the fact that Islam is a regressive ideology?  How about you unite around the truth? How about you stop pretending that a bunch of people trying to please their magic sky daddy aren’t a ludicrous bunch of people in the 21st century? You don’t mind saying it about Christians, do you? That’s because you have no principles and no values, because sociopaths don’t have values and principles.


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