Wine and hypomania…..hmmm. We are here.  We have set condition 1SQ for strategic missile launch and the use of nuclear weapons has been authorised.

Apparently I, of all people, am professional and hard working. Actually over the past couple of years I’ve surprised myself. Well, maybe not surprised myself. What is it when you realise that you could do what you always suspected and were told that you could? The past couple of months have been amazing.

S says that I play life in the same way that I play RTS games and now I’ve finished turtling and I’m starting the breakout and what comes next is the fast paced, aggressive assault. Feels like that some days. I’m growing, learning, pushing, always ready for the next challenge. My horizons are limitless, my self-belief is total, my energy boundless. I can be stalled but not stopped.



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