Actually I’m getting quite………. Generally when I feel the need for a long suckle I think of S but increasingly I think of Dakota like that too.

The breast fetish thing is something I’m still not entirely comfortable with. It’s a side of me which I don’t always like. On one hand I’m a professional, confident, quite testosterone driven male but then this other side is border line babyish, if not actually babyish. C says that I’m like a six month old that hasn’t been properly weaned. It feels weak and vulnerable and I don’t like that.

God, I want to cuddle up to Dakota and suckle her nipples though.  This is quite….. Most women I just want to fuck, even BM. BM has huge boobs but I’m sort of so so on the suckling thing with her. W I want to fuck, out and out fuck. Dakota though, it’s like a physical need, it’s like hunger combined with a deep emotional need, it’s beyond sexual, way beyond. It’s some kind of deep seated emotional need. Which is why I feel vulnerable about it.

Tired. More later.



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