Women are so perplexing. M ignores me a good eighty percent of the time. So today I had cause to go into the shop where she manages and she was as warm and friendly as ever, we had a really good chat and went for a meal but you can guarantee that she’ll ignore me again now for however long.

This is actually pretty normal behavior from women, I find. Women on the whole are shit communicators. Whether it be random women that you have to email for work reasons or very good friends getting a response from a woman to any kind of digital communication seems to be a real struggle. Often I think that they just don’t want to talk to me but I’ve sort of come to see it as women don’t really understand that there’s a person messaging them, it’s just that their phone makes weird beeping sounds.

Like S: Will quite happily have sex with me, lets me cum all over her, blah, blah, blah. Can I get her to message me back consistently? No. She goes from being gentle and tender, intimately concerned with my emotional well being, affectionate, willing to do virtually anything to make me feel good to totally ignoring me for weeks on end.

Dakota is the sameish: When we’re alone together she opens up and we talk, we talk about going to Paris, and intimate stuff and then the moment I’m out of eyesight she ignores me……….and all our mutual friends. It’s fucking annoying.

The joke about M is that if I came onto her there’s a good chance we would be having sex right now. I’m not entirely sure why I didn’t, actually.

It gets to be quite……….annoying.


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