On a Thursday and Friday I go to Starbucks for lunch and there is a certain young lady who works there on a Friday. This certain young lady who we shall call V also drinks in the pub I do regularly enough that we keep bumping into each other and this has become a talking point. I suppose it could be described as a flirting point but it’s more subtle than I would usually say is flirting.

So today I went in as per usual and V was apparently not working, or was on lunch, she was buying stuff rather than trying to flog me tea bags at an extortionate price. Needless to say we got chatting as per usual and she said that she had noted my presence in the pub and then she asked if I was going to the pub tomorrow. Generally I don’t go to that particular pub on a Saturday but I said that I hadn’t thought about it and that I might and she said that she was going. Normally she goes on a Friday, I know this because we bump into each other in the pub regularly on a Friday.

I think I shall in fact go to the pub tomorrow. I’m giving a presentation on Wednesday morning which means that the usual Tuesday night drinking is out, I need to be fresh and compos mentis  and Jboy is on holiday and therefore flexible. So I’ll suggest that we swap Tuesday night drinking for tomorrow.


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