Le Update.

I’m in an interesting place. I’m getting where I want to be albeit slowly. I’m getting interviews for the organisation that I want to be in, and from what people tell me in the office just getting an interview is a an achievement and competition is fierce. So I didn’t get the last job that I interviewed for but I wasn’t despondent in any way when I found out, actually I found out because I was checking that application in the process of preparing another application for them.

I found my reaction, or lack thereof, interesting. Usually not getting the job would send me into a funk and I’d be questioning my ability and generally  beating myself up but this time it just made me more determined. A similar thing happened the last time I got rejected, I just knuckled down and got on with the application that got me the interview. I’ve grown so much in these last few months and my confidence has really shot up: I now expect that sooner or later I’m going to get the post that I want, I see it as simply being a matter of time and preparation.

So I’m pretty much finished with this latest application and I’m very pleased with it, I think it’s much stronger than the last one which makes me very confident of getting an interview again and I’ve talked with some people in the office and they’re going to put me through mock interviews until I’m fully prepped at which point I’ll get the job.

Then it’s two months of security checks. I actually like the idea of having a job that requires a security clearance. Partly this is due to a sort of egotistical glee and partly this is because, as I see it, I’ll have some serious responsibility and I really want responsibility at this point in my life. I want the feeling of doing something useful.

All in all then, things are positive, I’m getting there.


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