Neo-Nazism and the left.

You know, I can’t help thinking that the average “liberal” or leftie is actually a neo-nazi. I’m one of those people who think that national socialists are socialists by the way. There’s nothing about an extreme free market ideology that leads to fascism: if you hand everything over to the market then you arrive at anarcho-capitalism: there isn’t a state, never mind a totalitarian one that pushes conservative values. So Nazi’s belong at the other end of the political spectrum and I shall now demonstrate that nazism, neo-nazism and mainstream “liberalism” are actually quite similar.

So we have the rise of the “alt-right” who are deemed to be white nationalists, white supremacists, neo-nazis, you get the idea. Is their ideology so very different from “liberalism”? The answer is no. Consider this:

The left at the moment essentially sounds like a school teacher having a psychotic rant as follows:

“WESTERN CIVILISATION?!? You mean white-cis-hetero-patriarchy! White males have oppressed everyone and still oppress everyone! Philosophy? Created by white males! Science? Dominated by white males! Art? White males! Mathematics? White males again! Literature? So white male! Everything is dominated by white males! Leibniz? White male! Newton? White male! Plato? White male! Euler? White male! Picasso? White male! Rembrandt? White male! Thomas Aquinas? White male! All white males who created white-cis-hetero-patriachy which oppresses everyone! *points to white boy in the class* AND YOU’RE JUST LIKE THEM!”.

Which gives our white boy a choice: He can decide that he is a she or that he is gender fluid and join the group of oppressed victims or he can decide that he’s just like all these men and can achieve what they can and chose to think of himself essentially as an Aryan God-man who by virtue of being white and male and despite being part of a group which is only seven percent of the population is powerful enough to oppress the other ninety-three percent.

So, you see, “liberal” ideology and neo-nazism differ only in their interpretation and viewpoint, the basic facts are agreed upon.


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